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Add muscle to your marketing team.

The demands placed on marketers in the life sciences keep growing. At small and mid-sized companies, marketing leaders are responsible for everything from campaign creation and management to the nuts and bolts of online crm and email marketing solution.

Conexus works in partnership with marketing teams to tackle creative, strategic, and technological challenges so that they can focus on growing the business.

Our CRM marketing solutions are scalable, customizable, and cost-effective. That’s why so many small and mid-sized life sciences companies turn to Conexus to add muscle to their marketing teams.

Most of our customers utilize a healthcare marketing agency to develop their brand campaigns. But there are dozens of other deliverables that life sciences companies need as they go to market.

Traditional agencies are often unable to meet these needs quickly and efficiently. We’re happy to step in and get the job done.

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Conexus provides marketing teams with dashboards and related tools that put the most mission-critical, actionable information at their fingertips, from email open and click-thru rates to page-by-page engagement stats for their digital assets.

Whether the raw data is coming from your website analytics platform, Salesforce Marketing Cloud, Veeva CRM, Veeva Vault, or any other data source, we’ll make sure to surface the information that matters most to your marketing efforts.

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At larger pharma and life sciences companies, entire teams are dedicated to managing the growing list of processes, tools, and workstreams that are essential to operating the marketing function.

Small and mid-sized companies don’t have that luxury. Their lean marketing teams rely on our marketing operations expertise to maximize their effectiveness.

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