Conexus Sales Cloud CRM for MedTech

Powerful technology is important but only if it works the way you do. Our pre-configured Sales Cloud for Med Device sales and marketing, Medical Device Conexus Turnkey Solution (CTS), does just that. Bending leading technology solutions to the workflow you need every day.

Let’s face it, we all know we need CRM for our sales team. But it’s rare that the sales team is excited about it. Often you end up with reps “working” their own system, double entering information into a spreadsheet or worse, on paper notes and then later re-entering the same information into a clunky CRM system.

We want to change that.

We’ve spoken to medical device sales reps so we know firsthand what they dislike and what they want out of their CRM system. We set out to streamline the workflow needed for most medical device selling, making it quick and easy for reps to use technology to manage their business and for management to have a clear view of that business.

Create leads, convert to opportunities with probabilities, segment accounts, build quotes, track invoices and close deals. And do it wherever and however you work…in the operating room, the hallway, a meeting room or virtually. Use a mobile device or a desktop. Don’t let the technology get in the way.

Working directly with users, we have configured Salesforce Sales Cloud for the way you work. And we know this can be different for each role in your company. Sales, Service, Practice or Account Management and Sales Management all have specific needs. We offer each role its own profile with specific views and functionality, all integrated for a complete view of the business.

Salesforce, meet Veeva Vault

Veeva Vault is a true cloud enterprise content management platform (DAM) and suite of applications specifically built for life sciences. It is the only content management platform with the unique capability to manage both content and data. It is used to funnel assets through the submission and approval process with automation and continuity.

Now, Conexus brings Veeva Vault to Salesforce Med Device through an integrated application, PrismTeq, that synchronizes approved content from Veeva Vault and makes it available within the Salesforce app. This ensures that only the latest approved content is used in the field. Out-dated assets are retired, and the latest, compliant assets are always ready for use. And PrismTeq tracks the assets that are used during a call or meeting, tying them to each participating contact or lead, building insights into how collateral and other assets are used.

Integrating Veeva Vault with Salesforce through Conexus PrismTeq creates a compliant asset management system not previously available.

Analyze, Understand, Act

Salesforce enables the sales process, collecting valuable data at every stage. Conexus INsightX Reporting and Analytics engine is integrated into the Salesforce platform for Medical Device CTS. This innovative technology combines data from disparate sources to create decision-oriented analytics. This tool provides valuable and intuitive reports to help quickly understand the business and to take action. It brings the ability to analyze and even update data directly in reports, making it a unique and efficient way to work with valuable data.

The INsightX analytics dashboards provide valuable views into the business, directing attention to critical issues and next steps that are required to close deals.

Keeping the Lights On

Once we’ve implemented Medical Device CTS, we offer Managed Services and operational support to keep it running efficiently, ensuring the technology changes with your business. Our Managed Services supports your team in the best way for you. We provide a full outsourcing model or a team-supplementing model. Our certified Salesforce consultants are available to maintain existing or newly launched Salesforce orgs, provide data management, build reports and dashboards, provide resources to take on a long-awaited enhancement or even just to lend a hand on some back-burner projects.

Streamline territory management

Quickly capture meeting notes, next steps and send follow up emails with key collateral.

Drive the sales process

Move from lead to opportunity to closed deal more quickly. Use quotes, approval routing, and probability scoring.

Centralize data across the enterprise

Collaboration through a unified view across the organization.

Ensure centralized compliance

Use and share a single source repository of approved messaging and collateral with our unique connection with Veeva Vault Promomats.

Use insight to drive business decisions and next actions

Review integrated reports and advanced analytics to inform decisions.

Conexus Supports Salesforce for Medical Device

Implementation, consulting, and managed services for:

Salesforce Sales Cloud

Salesforce Marketing Cloud

Salesforce Service Cloud

INsightX Analytics & Reporting

PrismTeq Approved Messaging & Collateral

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