Commercial Operations

Welcome to our sweet spot.

We’re not shy about touting our expertise across a variety of services and solutions. But when it comes to bragging rights, there’s no area that we’re happier to tout than Commercial Operations.

Conexus was founded by Commercial Operations veterans to help small and mid-sized life sciences companies build and strengthen their capabilities. While our range of services has expanded over the years, helping customers build their Commercial Operations muscle is still the heart of our business.

From sketching out the roadmap to commercialization, to helping implement the systems and tools that get sales and marketing teams ready for launch, we’ve walked the path successfully with dozens of companies.

So if you need to build or strengthen your Commercial Operations, let’s talk. You’ll quickly discover that Conexus is the ideal partner to help you successfully go to market.

Sales Operations

We’re Veeva experts! Conexus provides CRM configuration and management along with a suite of other powerful tools that support sales force effectiveness.


Marketing Operations

Small and mid-sized companies can’t afford the sprawling Marketing Ops teams like their larger competitors. Their lean marketing teams rely on our marketing operations expertise to get the job done.

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