Clinical & Medical Solutions

Clinical and medical operations? The answer is “yes!”

Our business started with a focus on Commercial Operations. But once word got out that we could effectively tackle any operational challenge, customers started asking if we could also support their clinical and medical needs, specifically around data and document management. And of course, since we’re passionate about supporting our customers’ growth, our answer was a resounding “yes.”

Effective management of data and documents is a must both during the clinical development phase and post-approval. Conexus engages with life sciences organizations in the earliest phases of clinical trials to ensure that they have the right technology in place to effectively manage their data and documents. Our partnership with Veeva and growing list of Veeva Vault certifications ensure that we can support your journey from clinical development to launch and beyond. So we can provide best medical it solutions for your company.

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Medical Affairs and MSL teams have a key role to play in building relationships with opinion leaders and HCPs. And they need a tool that supports their ability to efficiently and effectively engage these audiences. That’s where Veeva Medical CRM comes in. Conexus supports the success of these teams by implementing and supporting this powerful, flexible solution.

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Support is part of the package when it comes to Conexus Clinical & Medical Solutions. We provide end user support services to get team’s questions addressed quickly and efficiently.

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